Lighting Solutions Limited

"We have been using MYOB since 2001 and needed help with tiding up my accounts and processing the year-end journals. After fifteen minutes of sitting with Jo we knew she knew her stuff. She entered the year end journals for the previous year and rolled MYOB to the new year. We also reviewed the current years’ transactions. Jo was easy to understand, highlighted issue’s we had and explained what she was going to do to resolve them.

She also processed transactions for year-end so the accountant had what he needed. Jo alerted us to the fact we were running a very old version of MYOB and was instrumental in recommending we upgrade to the cloud, therefore not having any problems of our MYOB running slowly if more than one person was logged on. Because our business needs had changed, on Jo’s recommendation, we decided to start a brand-new data file rather than upgrade our existing. We were up and running with our new system within a couple of days. With a clean start to the new year and our software running a lot faster, we have a much more efficient business. Jo now ensures everything is running smoothly and answers any questions we may have.

We highly recommend Jo from JC Consulting if you need any help with your software – you won’t regret it. Phone Stefano or Michael on 09 551 7418 if you need any further clarification."

Stefano, Lighting Solutions Limited, Auckland