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Software installation and Support Auckland

There are four distinct phases for commissioning new business software. Selection, Planning, Implementation and On-going Support. These are further divided into subsections, each one with its own challenges and solutions. 

Software vendors often down-play the impact that a change of software has on the business. They seldom want to be involved in the wider business impact or even in any of these critical stages.They tend only interested in the software sale and on-going revenue. This can leave business owners with the headache of having to deal with the fall-out and wider consequences of the software change. 

Planning the change is also frequently left to the business and is not taken up by the vendor. Thus requiring a third party with knowledge of the software as well as knowledge of the detailed implementation process. 

The solution is to employ someone who understands the business, the software and the staff who will operate the software. Getting full knowledge of all the phases in the early planning stages, even well before the software is even chosen, allows potential issues to be identified and avoids down-time, frustration and unplanned costs during the critical implementation process. 

At JC Consulting we provide: 

  • Early Planning with your future business aims in view 
  • Installation and configuration of the software 
  • Software testing
  • Training prior to the software being commissioned
  • Documentation on core processes
  • Go-live stage
  • On-going support and training


I pride myself on providing unique packages to suit your particular needs, whether at the pre-planning, planning, implementation or on-going support stage. 

As a software consultant I can become an important contributor to the commissioning and planning of your software.

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