Xero is accounting software which connects to your core business software eg. Vend, Fergus and Cin7 and includes features such as Automatic Bank feeds, Digital Documents (paperless) and integrates directly with third party payment providers, including PayPal.

Xero will give you what your accountant wants at the higher level, whilst your core business software helps you manage the day-to-day running of your business.


Client Implementations

We have transformed many of our client business accounting practices with Xero including a client who was using labour-intensive spreadsheets to track inventory and combining this with a manual system for tracking sales. The client required a simple stock system to track the inventory and transactions from the core business, which Xero was able to provide. In conjunction with the Stripe payment provider, as opposed to Eftpos, we were able to secure a simple payment process for customers and reduce the running costs of the business.